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Eklavya Foundation

Nome dell’organizzazione:
Eklavya Foundation
Referente/i dell’organizzazione (nome, cognome, telefono, e-mail):
Sonal Mehta Director
Riferimenti geografici:
Indirizzo (via e numero, codice postale):
36, Heaven Park, Opp. Narmada Nagar, Ramdevnagar, Ahmedabad-380015
Lingua(e) di lavoro:
Breve presentazione che informa sulla storia, la natura, l'appartenenza all’associazione, le attività:

Structure of the association: Democratically elected Board of Governors from among the primary members of the Society The membership is available for members of Indigenous community, Women and Working class individuals, social movement activists, people's organizations and Trade Unions.
Type of association: Registerd Society and Trust under the constitutional law as applicable in the country.

Beneficiaries: Indigenous Community, Poor and marginalized, Dalits, Women, urban poor and rural poor, peasants, migrant and nomadic communities, Internally displaced communities, victims of development and working class population
Services offered by the association: Building People's organization for Human, Civil and Political rights, Education and Social development intervention, Disaster Rehabilitation, Housing for poor, Housing and land tenure rights for urban poor, technical research and development for effordable and appropriate housing for poor
How mobilization is organized: Through structured programs, local governance bodies, networking and institutional linkages

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