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Forced Evictions Committee made observations in İstanbul

Forced Evictions Committee made observations in İstanbul (2009-06-11)

Forced Evictions Committee made observations in İstanbul (2009-06-11)

İSTANBUL (11.06.2009)- Advisory Group on Forced Evictions, established under UN, made a press conference on the visits and observations they made to the sufferers of “urban transformation” in İstanbul, in Bilgi University Dolapdere Campus.

AGFE members visited poor districts and families who were the victims of eviction attacks under the name of “Urban Transformation” and mentioned the report which is about their observations that they would give to HABITAT, connected to UN. Committee came Turkey under the invitation of the platforms and associations among which Residence Right Coordination is also found.

AGFE members took information about the areas under Urban Transformation Project in İstanbul, and met with the families living under the eviction threat, also with the ones located in TOKİ (Public Residence Projects) houses after their homes were demolished. UN committee paid visits especially to Taşoluk where Sulukule residents moved and Bezirganbaşı where Ayazma folks moved. The Committee listened the problems of the folk and saw that the victims, moved from their living district by force, were more suffering in TOKİ houses, and they had diffuculty in affording their vital needs.

AGFE members, Prof. Arif Hasan and Prof. Yves Cabannes summarised the damnification of the families that were evicted by force. Prof. Hasan said that they witnessed the demolition in the districts. Hasan said they met with folk as well as the municipality and TOKİ officers. Prof. Hasan explained the observations and views of the Committee under that items:

- About TOKİ model, taking the area and development of real estate. The legal rights of the residents of that area had been ignored.

- People made serious investments on the districts we visited. They built big districts. Municipality had given water, electricity and gas services. The plans made for that areas screw up both the public and physical plans.

- The people who were evicted by force, were taken from their districts and moved to TOKİ houses. They cannot afford even monthly payments, which are so expensive.

- People cannot afford even the transportation fee in their new areas which are so far from the city center. Thus they try to sell their right on that place because they have to. They become mobile population.

- Some municipalities grew care about the issue. We saw that the process must be more transparent and supporting.

- The evidences got show that the event is eviction by force. People do not any choice apart from that.

- We will give some proposes to UN. We will want them to work on a more fair and equal model according to our learnings in İstanbul.

Kurtköy is demolished, but the new-built houses are empty

Prof. Yves Cabannes took field in the continuation of the meeting and mentioned about the visits to Taşoluk that Sulukule folk had to move. He defined that the poor district folk showed documents explaining that they could not afford their debts. Cabannes told some families returned back to their old living area in Fatih and try to survive in the ruins. Cabannes underlined that the lives of the folk had been more diffucult with the forced evictions and children can not enjoy their education right.

Cabannes also presented noteworthy data about Kurtköy observations. He said that when they came Turkey in previous years, they saw that the residence of one thousand families had been demolished and instead of their place blocks were made including 2000 flats. That year they came and learned that although Kurtköy residents were made victims, that 2000 flat were empty.

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