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Campagna Sfratti Zero

Background resources: websites

Organized by ICAHD

(several languages available)

Housing rights for Palestinians '48

A narrative of demolitions in the Negev over the past nine years : English , العربية ,עברית

An in depth overview of Israeli land and housing policies with regards to the Negev's unrecognized villages: English

An article about the policy of demolitions against the Negev Bedouins: Español

An in depth examination of Israeli policies against the Bedouins: Español , Français

The destruction of property and forced evictions of Palestinians '67

A report by Amnesty International on the December 2008/January 2009 Operation Cast Lead which included the destruction of thousands of housing units: Español , English , Français , עברית

A detailed fact-sheet and policy overview from Miftah on demolitions: English

A policy overview and report prepared by Badil: English

A detailed report by Amnesty International, Under the Rubble: English , Español , العربية

A detailed report about house demolitions in East Jerusalem by the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions: English

A legal analysis by Al Haq about punitive house demolitions and international law: English