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Duterte indicted by homeless Filipinos for criminal neglect at international tribunal

Duterte indicted by homeless Filipinos for criminal neglect at international tribunal

Concepcion Opalla, stating her case in Brussels

News Release 19/09/2018

Kadamay, the national alliance of Filipino urban poor participated in the International People’s Tribunal held in Brussels, Belgium this last September 18. Concepcion Opalla, represented Kadamay in testifying against the gross negligence and grave threats made by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte against the movements of urban poor and homeless.

Last year, Kadamay had led more than 8,000 families in a successful occupation of public housing projects that have been idle for more or less five years. The group underscored the injustice of having hundreds of thousands of socialized housing units unused for so long amidst a worsening homeless problem.

Opalla, one of the occupiers, has been living with a severe insecurity with regards to her shelter situation said that “our occupation was not only for Kadamay members, but it was done to shed light on the continuing failures of government to fulfill its mandate towards those most in need. Instead of addressing or correcting their inadequacies, the Duterte government continues to respond with threats, intimidation and ridiculous legal cases against our ranks.”

In particular she slammed Duterte’s remarks threatening to shoot Kadamay members or homeless Filipinos willing to undertake any more occupations or actions to claim their rights to adequate shelter.

Opalla also pointed out that in terms of policies the Duterte government has again failed to undertake measures to address housing concerns of the nation’s poorest. Since the occupation last year which exposed the sorry state of the housing system, the National Housing Authority (NHA) has since constructed more homes left idle. From 114,409 in 2016, now more than 127,000 housing units have been left to rot whilst people toil on the streets.

“Things are not getting any better for the homeless. Both Duterte and the NHA have worked to worsen the housing crisis, treating it like a business rather than a public service. In the last year, more idle homes have been put up while the agency continues to profit and make profits for corporate developers. They are doing more to guarantee the flow of money to their pockets rather than ensure homeless Filipinos have a roof over their heads.” Explained Opalla.

The Philippines has the largest homeless population in Asia whilst Opalla also noted that it is about to get worse under the soon to be implemented Build Build Build (BBB) program of Duterte. The BBB will demolish hundreds of thousands of homes leaving a gargantuan number of families homeless and pushed into greater poverty.

Kadamay hopes that the Tribunal will serve as a platform to encourage more Filipinos and members of the international community to take notice at the injustices towards the homeless.



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