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Three hundred people staged protest against densification in a Saint Petersburg street

A meeting protesting construction of a new house in Kosmonavtov street in Saint Petersburg was held and attended by about 300 people. The citizens are going to appeal to the City Governor with a request to stop a regular densification project.

According to the Fontanka.ru online source, Tatyana Smirnova, a local citizen, informed that the authorized protest action was held on February, 19, at the address Kosmonavtov street, house 61, building 2. ‘’We have collected 260 signatures for the appeal to City Governor’’ – Tatyana Smirnova is quoted as saying.

A permit for the infill construction of a 25 storey house was issued in September of 2016. However, the citizens insist that this permit was issued on the basis of faked documents. They petitioned the local district court with a lawsuit claiming that the permit for construction be annulled and void.

The development project had been designed on the basis of a geotechnical and soil survey. According to some experts’ assessment, in the period of July- August of 2014, the area of construction was subject to pillar drilling, ground work and soil sampling. However, at the same time, in the period of 2008 till 2016, a parking meter zone was working nonstop, with no drilling work done, according to Tatyana Smirnova.

The area between two streets was developed by the ‘’Stroymontazh’’ company, beginning from 2000 ies and on. On the territory, where the mentioned development project is being implemented currently and which turned into the subject of protest, a kindergarten was planned to be constructed.

The land plot was then privatized, and in 2014, the City Committee for Construction, a city government agency, issued a plan and permit to construct a residential house.

The protestors claim that the kindergarten is supposed to be constructed in the area of a children’s playground, which is unacceptable.

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