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Le Réseau Marocain pour Le Logement Décent interpelle les Nations Unies à intervenir immédiatement pour arrêter l'attaque sioniste brutale à Gaza et arrêter la destruction de logements et des infrastructures

Le Réseau Marocain pour Le Logement Décent interpelle les Nations Unies à intervenir immédiatement pour arrêter l'attaque sioniste brutale à Gaza et arrêter la destruction de logements et des infrastructures.Il semble que ce qui se passe à Gaza, à la suite de bombardements aveugles qui tuent des personnes innocentes et démolissent des habitats et des infrastructures , n'a pas d'incidence sur le monde et les institutions internationales qui n’ont pas pu arrêter l'attaque barbare des sionistes subi par l'humanité dans son ensemble, et non seulement par les martyrs de Palestine dont les nourrissons , les enfants , les femmes, personnes âgées et les jeunes.

Buon compleanno IAI, in solidarietà!

... una rete di associazioni di base di abitanti e movimenti sociali territoriali, un movimento interculturale, includente, autonomo, indipendente, autogestionario, solidale e disponibile a coordinarsi con altre organizzazioni simili che perseguono gli stessi fini ...

ECHR launches campaign to enshrine the right to adequate housing in the Egyptian Constitution

Adequate housing is not just a collective right, it is also the right of every individual, every man, woman and child everywhere The campaign based on that the right to adequate housing is a human right, which has been recognized on a wide scale by international human rights instruments that have been signed and ratified by Egypt, and thus the state becomes bound by these instruments to recognize the right to adequate housing in its Legislation and to respect, protect and fulfill it. 

Egypt, No consolation or apology

Tahrir Square and other Squares in Egypt witnessed bloody incidents that exposed the youth of Egypt to oppression, murder and intentional injury The undersigned hold the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to its full political and criminal responsibility for the dead and wounded as well as to its circumvention of the fair demands of the masses.

Accampamento di protesta: come promuovere una politica di alloggio sociale in Israele ora

tents-by-noa-olchovsky Ciò che è partito come un gruppetto di tende nel bel mezzo di una strada di Tel Aviv, si è trasformato in un movimento popolare a livello nazionale per i diritti economici e sociali. Questa pagina vi terrà aggiornati sull'impegno dell'ACRI per l'accampamento di protesta,

Thousands of housing activists protests held in cities across Israel

Thousands of housing protesters march in Haifa, July 26, 2011 (Hagai Fried) Housing activists, who reject Netanyahu's plan to solve the housing crisis, rally in Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv, Ashdod and Be'er Sheva, chanting "Bibi go home" and "we want justice."After rejecting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plan  to solve Israel's housing crisis, activists continued to protest across the country on Tuesday 26 July.

Iraq: Political wrangling leaves around 2.8 million displaced Iraqis with no durable solutions in sight

Seven years after the March 2003 US-led invasion, Iraq remains deeply divided. Iraqis have been internally displaced in three periods: either under the former Ba’ath government; from the March 2003 invasion until the February 2006 Samarra bombing; and since then. Today, one in ten Iraqi is still internally displaced, totalling 2.8 million people. They face continuing threats to their physical security and difficulties accessing basic necessities and essential services. (...)

IRAQ: Karbala IDPs, squatters encouraged to return

Insufficient funds and an overburdened public services infrastructure have prompted authorities in Iraq’s central province of Karbala to assist the voluntary return of up 90,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) and 100,000 squatters.

Yemen: Selling food aid to pay the rent

IDPs in Sanaa rush to register their names with aid agencies so that they can receive assistance (Adel Yahya/IRIN Some of the thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) who have fled fighting in Saada Governorate, northern Yemen, are selling food aid in the capital, Sanaa, to pay their rent, say an aid worker and some IDPs.

IRAQ: Occupanti sgomberati da quasi due terzi delle case appartenenti a profughi Iracheni

Una rifugiata Irachena che vive nel quartiere di Adhamiyah a Baghdad. Molti dei rifugiati non possono rientrare poiché altre famiglie stanno occupando le loro case. (jamesdale10/Flickr) Secondo quanto affermato da un funzionario statale il 9 gennaio, quasi i due terzi delle case appartenenti a profughi o rifugiati Iracheni occupati abusivamente sono stati evacuati a partire dalla metà del 2008.