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South Africa: Comrade Bazooka Rhadebe lives and fights in solidarity along with us!

We, the International Alliance of Inhabitants, are shocked and saddened to hear of the brutal execution of a brave community leader in South Africa, chairperson of Amadiba Crisis Committee, who spent his life opposing the rape of his beloved homeland by those who are blind to people, communities and natural beauty but only see profit to be ripped from the earth, no matter the price others will pay.

We salute comrade Rhadebe as we salute comrade Berta Cáceres and comrade Nelson Garcia who were also murdered for the same reasons half-way around the world in Honduras this month. Our struggles are one across this world, for dignity, respect and freedom, and we extend the solidarity of the International Alliance of Inhabitants to the family of comrade Bazooka, to the communities of Xoloben, to Abahlali.
 We call upon our members and friends to shout out against this assassination and to demand accountability from the South African Police and MRC (and its directors: Mark Caruso, Guy Walker, Peter Torre, Joe Caruso and Ross Hastings). There must be an independent investigation into this and other criminal activities surrounding the exploitation of Xolobeni's minerals.

We cannot afford to remain silent in the face of any of these attacks. Every one of them is an attack on democracy itself.

So we fully support the Statement signed by civil society organisations:

1. We call for the speedy arrest and successful prosecution of the killers of comrade Bazooka.

2.  We further call on the Human Rights Commission to investigate the systematic process of intimidation that has been orchestrated against those who have stood up against MRC and its lackeys in the area.

3. We demand that the Minister of Mineral Resources suspends all mining applications until there has been a full and independent investigation of Rhadebe’s murder!

4. We demand protection for all members of the Amadiba Crisis Committee and their families!

5. We call on all progressive forces to stand up in defence of democracy. End the attacks on our activists and movements!

We will not be bullied and intend to speak out even more strongly than before. The key thing when civil society is being intimidated is to show no fear.

Comrade Bazooka Rhadebe: you lives and fights in solidarity along with us!


Mineral Commodities (MRC)


The Australian company, MRC,  is based at 40 Murray Road North, Welshpool WA 6106

Their telephone number is +61 8 6253 1100

The board is: 

Mark Victor Caruso – Executive Chairman

Guy Walker – Non-Executive Director

Peter Torre – Non-Executive Director and Company Secretary

Joe Anthony Caruso – Non-Executive Director

Ross Hastings – Independent Non-Executive Director

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