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USA: Faces of Resistance

A family goes into foreclosure every 13 seconds in the United States of America. This video, “Faces of Resistance,” takes the statement of one family in foreclosure and connects their crisis with the national housing crisis that affects every resident in this country.  Members of the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC), a USA organization led by the poor, are mounting a foreclosure defense campaign using the experience of our members.  Daily we will document the steps we take to hold onto Esther Smith’s home in hopes that others facing foreclosure can know that they are not alone and will reach out to us at info@ppehrc.org .

As a member organization of the USA-Canada Alliance of Inhabitants and a participant the International Alliance of Inhabitants’ Zero Evictions Campaign, we are working to tie together the scattered struggles around the country to resist foreclosures.  See www.habitants.org or write info@habitants.org for further information.

Below is the statement of Esther Smith, read in this video by members of the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign:


My name is Esther Smith I am 31 years old. I live with my two younger sisters, Barbara Cruz, Monica Smith and my 2 year old nephew Jovanie Rivera which I am caring for. I also have a brother named Aaron Smith who is incarcerated in the State Prison in Pennsylvania. My mother Esther Ortiz, who passed away two years ago leaving us with a home in which unfortunately is not fully paid; therefore I must manage to pay the monthly mortgage as well as other expenses.

I have worked different odd jobs to pay the bills but it is nowhere near enough. We are as of today facing foreclosure and having the fear day by day to become homeless. I am currently doing all I can to pay the bills and do deal with my young grieving sisters. Due to this extreme difficulty I am under a lot of stress. The holidays are drawing closer and I am going to do all I can with the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign to keep me and my little sisters and nephew from becoming homeless.

We will fight the bank and politicians and members of PPEHRC will go to jail if they have to. My mother had worked for us so hard to have a roof over our heads. She also helped others daily in the movement to end poverty and she taught me how to be strong and fight. At 31 my life has taken a very different road. I am now having to be a mother to my sisters and having to fight foreclosure.

Please support myself and PPEHRC in this fight by following our website at economichumanrights.org .

God bless and watch over all the families facing foreclosure this holiday season.


Esther Smith

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