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Hey everyone,Join me in sending big ups to all my Detroit family for winning the above mentioned award. Brother Will Copeland hittin' it big-time! My auntie Maureen Taylor makes an appearance as does baby brother Brandon King of Cooperation Jackson formerly of Picture the Homeless. There's even a cameo by a very famous Detroit movement lawyer!! ☺  The video was directed by Kate Levy activist  and filmmaker from Detroit. Check out the video b... »

El clima como bien común  (Palabras del Papa Francisco, a manera de editorial): El clima es un bien común, de todos y para todos. A nivel global, es un sistema complejo relacionado con muchas condiciones esenciales para la vida humana. Hay un consenso científico muy consistente que indica que nos encontramos ante un preocupante calentamiento del sistema climático. »

Government and RBKC must take responsibility to rehouse all ‘who called Grenfell home’ in the local area, regardless of their residential or immigration status, said Radical Housing Network, an alliance of groups fighting housing injustice of which Grenfell Action Group is a member.Full solidarity of the International Alliance of Inhabitants. »

Trasformare il nostro mondo non è possibile senza trasformare il turismo. Noi vogliamo non solo incoraggiare ulteriori riflessioni e dibattiti, ma chiedere iniziative concrete. Finora, più di 200 individui e più di 35 organizzazioni hanno approvato la Dichiarazione. Partecipa anche tu e firmala: come individuo, potete cliccare qui , come organizzazione, potete scrivere una mail a tourism-watch@brot-fuer-die-welt.de .Per maggiori informazioni potete visitar... »

Members of KADAMAY in San Roque held a candle lighting and offered flowers along their community to show solidarity with the Grenfell fire victims marking a week since the tragedy. KADAMAY noted the similarities between the plight experienced in West London and the state of housing in the country. They said that in both situations evicting people through privatization schemes and sub-standard public housing was at the core. »

News Release 4/26/2017 Reference: Michael Beltran 09554571061, Gloria Arellano, Chairperson – 09213927457 KADAMAY said that adequate jobs and wage increase will improve the overall standards of living of poor Filipinos and allow for them to pay for affordable government housing. »


Demolition and forced eviction in Giza, Egypt (25 08 2015) On August 25, 2015, a demolition force from Giza governorate combined by police forces and bulldozers demolished the poor shacks located at Al Sudan Street and went into bloody clashes with the poor inhabitants who contested the demolition because most of the 300 families did not get alternative housing from the governorate.An international call for solidarity launched by the Egyptian... »

“Yes for a fair rent law that protects the right to housing for old tenants." Protest in Sassine square, Achrafieh, Beirut, 3 December 2014 (Image courtesy of sakanbeirut.wordpress.com) The Committee for the Rights of Tenants Laws has organized a march in Beirut, towards the Speaker's House in Ain el-Tineh on Wednesday 10 December to pressure on parliamentarians to withdraw the new law that liberalize old rent contracts before it goes in... »

Dans le cadre d’une mission de soutien, d’information et de sensibilisation, auprès de ces membres l’Union des Associations et des Coordinations d’Associations pour le Développement et la Défense des Droits des Démunies (UACDDDD) a dépêché du 22 au 24 février dernier une délégation dans 4 villages des 03 Communes du cercle de Kita se trouvant dans la forêt qui l’objet d’une convoitise énorme. Aujourd’hui, ils sont plus d’une centaine de villages qui sont m... »

Le Réseau Marocain Pour Le Logement décent membre de la Coalition marocaine pour la justice climatique, après une forte participation aux différentes activités dans les espaces alloués à la société civile au congrès de la cop 22 qui  a eu lieu entre le 7 et le 18 Novembre 2016 à Marrakech, confirme son attachement aux principes de la justice climatique et de continuer à les défendre sans régression, et de jouer un rôle de premier plan  au sein de... »

In tutto il mondo stanno aumentando le città e le popolazioni che si battono a favore dei diritti umani, la democrazia e il bene comune. L’incontro «Città senza paura» permetterà ai movimenti municipalisti di costruire reti globali solidali e la speranza di fonteall’ odio, ai muri e alle barriere. Vieni a Barcellona per dialogare, confrontare politiche e partecipare a vari seminari tenuti da uomini e donne sindaci e consiglieri, e dai movimenti municipalis... »

In Europe, it is the cities that once again lead the way as places of radical innovation and democratic renewal - and provide answers to the challenges we face in our continent. »

Vou aproveitar que colei grau ontem e fazer textão sobre a minha paixãozinha econômica: desigualdade e população de rua.Eu tive o privilégio de passar um ano inteirinho do meu primeiro estágio trabalhando com a Profa. Silvia Schor, uma das (se não a maior) referência desse país sobre a dimensão econômica da situação de rua. É ela que encabeçou todos os (bons) censos dessa população feitos em São Paulo desde 2000, já que o IBGE não contabiliza moradores de... »

"Homelessness prevention in the context of evictions": full report - final version Home is associated with safety, belonging, esteem and personal and child development. Housing and home are intertwined with health, poverty or wealth and opportunity in general. Eviction involves the involuntary removal of people from their homes, with many negative personal and social consequences, particularly for children.In EU Member States where evictions are... »

I più sinceri auguri dei/agli abitanti delle campagne e delle città che sognano, amano, vivono, costruiscono, lottano in solidarietà, resistenza e alternativa.I migliori auguri contando sul vostro sostegno ! »

Over 70 people attended Habitat III’s Trade Union and Workers Roundtable  held on 18 October 2016 by a joint international trade union and allies delegation headed by Public Services International (PSI) and Building and Woodworkers International (BWI). »