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Solidarietà degli Abitanti del Mondo contro gli attacchi terroristici a Bruxelles

Noi, l'Alleanza Internazionale degli Abitanti, esprimiamo innanzitutto, le nostre sincere condoglianze alle famiglie delle vittime dei terribili attacchi terroristici avvenuti il 22/03/2016 all'aeroporto e nella metropolitana di Bruxelles.  Esprimiamo anche la nostra solidarietà al Popolo Belga e a tutti i nostri compagni Belgi.

St. Petersburg, Ilyushina tenants for ever!

Ilyushina tenants on hunger strike The tenants of residential house № 15 building 2 of Ilyushina street in Saint Petersburg, Russia, have become famous not only in Russia but worldwide thanks to their many yearlong resistance to forced evictions. The Ilyushina tenants, as they are called in Russia, have sustained a longer than ten year long struggle for their housing having grappled with the local city authorities and construction companies and won finally through their perseverance and courage.

Make social regulation of real estate markets a commitment at Habitat III !

Everybody knows about the 2007–08 crashes resulting from housing bubbles and their context of globalized financial markets. But in the preparation of the UN conference Habitat III you hardly hear a word about it.  International, national and local organizations are demanding a serious inclusion of those issues into the conference and a global reflection on the regulation and exclusion from markets. Therefore, this issue will be among the main topic of the People’s Social Territorial Forum Alternative to Habitat III.

The currency borrowers blocked Neglinnaya street in Moscow and scuffled with the police

One of the mass actions Moscow has seen lately was the protest staged by the so called currency borrowers. The Russian currency borrowers are those who have borrowed from various banks, some of them being foreign ones, substantial amounts of money in hard currency, either in the US Dollars or Euros, to support their mortgages.

Ildar Dadin, a Russian activist, to be released from prison

Russia and many other countries have seen actions staged in support of Ildar Dadin, sentenced to three years of hard labor under the Russian penal code article ‘’Numerous cases of violation of holding public events’’.

Novyi Urengoy, Fires Liquidate Housing Problem

The Town of Novyi Urengoy is one of those Russian towns and cities that are considered to be the most prosperous. The reason is its place and role in the oil and gas producing industry – the town is located in the North, in the area which is called the Yamal and Nenetsk Autonomous Region, known for its immense oil and gas reserves.

OPEN LETTER: Concern about the violation of housing right as consequence of the 17th November agreement regarding Greece

The IAI are very much concerned about the consequences of the “agreements” which on Dec. 17 2015 – according to media and local civil society – have been achieved between the creditors and the Greek government regarding new conditions for the protection of indebted homeowners.  As far as we know 35 % of the housing loans in Greece are currently not performing, mostly because of the economic situation. 300.000 homeowners are concerned.

Attivista del movimento degli investitori truffati assassinato a San Pietroburgo

Last october 6 Saint Petersburg witnessed a murder Konstantin Andreev, marito di un’attivista militante nel movimento degli investitori truffati, è deceduto a causa delle ferite inferte in seguito a violente aggressioni e percosse. La Inertnational Alliance of Inhabitants ha trasmesso le proprie condoglianze e la più completa solidarietà, condannando l’omicidio ed esigendo la cattura degli assassini per portarli davanti alla giustizia, e dichiarando l’intenzione di informare il Relatore Speciale sul Diritto alla Casa dell’ONU.

Il calendario (in progress) della Giornata Sfratti Zero

10 ottobre Sfratti Zero: gli appuntamenti comunicati (in progress) Monza: l'appuntamento e' sabato 10 ottobre 2015 in largo Mazzini (centro) dalle 9 alle 13, promossa da unione inquilini con l'adesione del PRC, del Coordinamento Comitati Inquilini Alloggi Comunali ed altri. Livorno: sabato 10 ottobre sfratti zero. a Livorno l'appuntamento è in piazza Grande alle ore 10.00, promossa da unione inquilini Firenze: sabato 10 ottobre 2015, quarta giornata nazionale sfratti zero, il movimento lotta per la casa di firenze manifesta in piazza dalmazia, ore 16

10 ottobre 2015 Quarta Giornata Nazionale “Sfratti Zero” in tutta Italia

La Giornata si inserisce all’interno della campagna mondiale  “sfratti zero”, promossa dall’Alleanza Internazionale degli Abitanti, con iniziative nel mese di ottobre in tutti i Paesi del Mondo. Giornata di lotta nazionale e unitaria di mobilitazione nazionale contro le fallimentari politiche abitative di Governo, Regioni e Comuni.