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Port Harcourt Demolitions and Silverbird Project

Here you could find the architectural design of the Silverbird project, for which upto one-third of Port Harcourt population is to be rendered homeless and jobless come April 2009.

The design was published by the Silverbird Group of Companies Limited in the March 26th edition of the Hard Truth Newspaper as part of the company’s preparation for the official commissioning of the project come April 2009.

In order to give a better understanding of the role of the Silverbird Group in the ongoing demolitions in Port Harcourt, we have provided an analysis of the link between the project and the demolitions (in the form of footnotes).

A careful study of the architectural designed by the Silverbird Group and the analysis thereof by the Tenants Union clearly indicates that the information given by the state deputy governor regarding the demolitions was a deception and dubious attempt to mislead the truth.

Going by the architectural design, it is now left for public opinion to establish whether or not the ongoing demolition is for urban renewal or for personal business interest.