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Bangladesh, Human chain and meeting for Zero Evictions and Right to Housing

Organized by the International Alliance of Inhabitants-WAI Bangladesh the people of Bangladesh have observed the World Habitat Day 2011 successfully completed the following activities for the day.

The World Habitat Days & Zero Eviction Days in Bangladesh

National Parliament House, Dhaka, BangladeshOctober 3 2011 9.00 am The WAI Bangladesh Committee Meeting (IPD, RHDS, PDAP, PRATTAY, PROSHIKA & Shelter for the Poor), invite all the people to participate to the following activities to observe the World Habitat Days & Zero Eviction Days 2011 in Bangladesh.

The World Habitat Days & Zero Eviction Days in India

National Forum for Urban Poor (NFUP ), an active member of Leaders and Organisors of Community Organisations in Asia (LOCOA ) and affiliated to International Alliance of Inhabitants (IAI ), committed to the decision taken by the World Assembly of Inhabitants at WSF-Dakar , 2011, call upon all housing and land rights activists/organisations to join in mass actions in 4 Mega Cities (Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi and Bangalore ) of India between 1 st  October and 31 st  October 2011  to demand an immediate end to forced evictions and land grabbing, and a halt to the persecution and intimidation of activists and genuine fulfillment of the right to housing and land for all.

Ted Anana, i grani della solidarietà seminati continueranno a crescere fra noi

Cari amici,La triste notizia della scomparsa del nostro amico e compagno Ted colpisce tutti i nostri cuori e le nostre coscienze. Quindi, innanzitutto, vi prego di presentare le nostre più sincere condoglianze alla moglie Connie, a tutta la sua famiglia e a tutti voi, certi tuttavia che Ted resterà sempre con tutti noi.

Mumbai, Demostration to support alternative to evictions in Dharavi

About 300 affected people demonstrated against evictions threatened by MCGB (Mumbai, March 23 2011) PROUD carried out a demonstration on 23rd March, 2011, attended by more 300 inhabitants, to pressurise their demands to face the threats of evictions, providing alternative house in agreement with the affected families current living on pipeline.

International mobilisation to save Boeung Kak Lake Residents from Eviction

Children sit on top their inundated homes, where Shukaku, Inc. A demonstration at the Municipality of Phnom Penh marked the start of a week of demonstrations around Asia on behalf of the embattled lakeside residents. “Save Cambodia’s Boeung Kak Lake Residents from eviction,” chanted groups of urban poor, belong to LOCOA and Four Region Slum Network protesting in front of Cambodia and Chinese Embassies in various countries in a show of solidarity.

Philippines, Urban Poor Oppose Restoration of Anti-Squatting Law

Urban poor gathered before Congress at Quezon City, Batasan Road today to oppose House Bill 2145, This is a bill amending Republic Act no. 8368, otherwise known as the “Anti-Squatting Law Repeal Act of 1997.” With them were the Task Force Anti-Eviction group composed of Urban Poor Associates (UPA), Community Organization of the Philippine Enterprise (COPE), Community Organizers Multiversity (COM) and Sentro ng Alternatibong Lingap Pangligal (SALIGAN).

Mumbai, Dharavi, PROUD, 31 year of struggles and results

People’s Responsible Organisation of United Dharavi (PROUD) organized 4 public meetings on Housing Rights and Pressing for the immediate implementation of long standing Dharavi Redevelopment Programme (DRP) with about 800-1000 people in each of the meeting between 8th  January, 2011 to 16th  January, 2011. PROUD also celebrated it’s 31st  Anniversary Programme along with it’s 15th  Biennial Convention.

Abitanti da Dhaka a Dakar attraverso l’Asia!

Building the Bangladesh WAI Steering Committee (Dhaka, September 2 2010) AMA (FSM 2011) Incontro preliminare del Comitato Promotore del Bangladesh2 settembre 2010 a Dhaka, BangladeshIn occasione dell’incontro preliminare del Comitato Promotore del Bangladesh dell’Assemblea Mondiale degli Abitanti-AMA/Forum Sociale Mondiale a Dakar, Senegal (da Dhaka a Dakar), tenutosi giovedì 2 settembre 2010 alla sede di Shelter for the Poor di Dhaka, in Bangladesh, noi, partecipanti in rappresentanza di diverse organizzazioni per gli abitanti (Organizzazioni non governative che lavorano su questioni riguardanti il diritto alla casa e alla terra), ci siamo incontrati per condividere le nostre esperienze sul diritto alla casa e sulle sue violazioni. I partecipanti, dirigenti delle organizzazioni di abitanti, hanno condiviso le attività, le esperienze e le lotte in corso, per fare fronte alle sfida continua data dall’approccio governativo agli sfratti senza nessuna rilocazione.

Da Bangalore a Dakar attraverso l’Asia!

Building the WAI Steering Committee for Asia (Bangalore, 18-22 August 2010) Dichiarazione - Incontro preparatorio all’AMA - 18-22 agosto 2010 - Bangalore, India In occasione dell’Assemblea dei Cittadini dell’Asia (ACA), tenutasi dal 18 al 22 agosto 2010 a Bangalore (India), noi partecipanti di diverse organizzazioni e network degli abitanti, ci siamo riuniti per condividere le risposte dei membri delle nostre comunità agli sfratti, le strategie e le alternative presentate ai governi con lo scopo di assicurare terra e casa alle famiglie colpite.