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Portugal, Solidarity against demolitions, for the right to housing

Portugal, Solidariedade contra as demolições, pelo direito à habitação

Portugal, Solidariedade contra as demolições, pelo direito à habitação

We call all people and organizations to participate in a solidarity campaign with hundreads of families from the Santa Filomena neighbourhood, in Amadora, which are now in eminent danger of eviction from their homes, and wihouth any alternative accomodation or garanteed access to housing.

Portugal, Solidariedade contra as demolições, pelo direito à habitação

Não à agressão, sim ao diálogo pelo respeito do direito à moradia (1) (Amadora, Julho de 2012).jpg

We ask you all to help us stop this process until any alternatives safeguarding the security, dignity and rights of people are found. Write to the Mayor of Amadora, Joaquim Raposo, and all other political parties represented in the municipal assembly, and require the suspension of the process until adequate alternatives are found.

Please find attached a letter proposal.


President Joaquim Raposo:gab.presidencia@cm-amadora.pt ,geral@cm-amadora.pt

Political parties represented in the municipal assembly: geral.am@cm-amadora.pt

Thank you for yout attention

Habita- colectivo pelo direito à habitação e à Cidade (Portugal)
email: habita.colectivo@gmail.com


The demolition of houses without alternatives and without adequate housing policy for all is an attack to people's lives

Mayor of Amadora
Joaquim Moreira Raposo,

Portugal now passes through one of the most severe crises of its recent history. High levels of unemployment, job insecurity and uncertainty regarding our collective future requires that we act accordingly, namely by securing a set of fundamental rights, such as the right to housing and urbanism (Article 65 of the Portuguese Constitution).

The demolition of Santa Filomena's neighborhood – without realistic and viable alternatives for its residents, either people who are out of the census, made 20 years ago, or those who despite being registered saw their household structures change during that period – demonstrates both insensitivity regarding the situation of social and economic vulnerability that many of them go through as well as contempt for the dignity inherent in every human being (forced to live in a overcrowded space, in promiscuity, etc.), and is therefore an unacceptable attack to one of the most fundamental rights of portuguese democracy. Dozens of children and elderly, people with health problems and/or unemployed will be placed by the Municipality of Amadora, in a position of extreme vulnerability, which can jeopardize their own survival.

I am writing this to show my indignation on the option taken by the current executive and also my solidarity with the residents of Santa Filomena's neighborhood, demanding the immediate suspension of the demolition process currently underway. The construction of socially just and territorially cohesive cities cannot be made without taking into account the needs and rights of those who give them life.


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