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Abitanti delle Afriche


Lagos, Thousands forcefully evicted in Badia east

Day Two of Ongoing Demolition Looms On Saturday, February 23, 2013, a demolition squad from the Lagos State Government began forcefully evicting thousands of residents of the Badia East community in Lagos. Over the course of the day, two bulldozers, dozens of uniformed Lagos State Physical Planning and Development Agency (LASPPDA) agents and countless others working with the Lagos State Environmental and Sanitation Task

Abitanti a Dakar: Africities e oltre

Facing forced evictions in Africa (© Amnesty International, March 2012) Dal 4 all’8 dicembre IAI farà sentire la voce degli abitanti urbani d'Africa a Dakar ospitando e partecipando a una serie di eventi che includono il Sesto Vertice delle città africane (non è prevista alcuna quota di iscrizione per chi vuole partecipare alla Sessione tematica su Associazioni degli abitanti) e incontri con le organizzazioni di abitanti nei quartieri. In questo modo si intensificherà la rete di relazioni e convergenze sviluppate nell’ultima Assemblea Mondiale degli Abitanti (AMA, FSM, Dakar 2011) e si incoraggerà la partecipazione alla prossima AMA che avrà luogo a Tunisi (FSM, marzo 2013). La vostra firma è indispensabile per sostenere il riconoscimento delle organizzazioni degli abitanti.

Africities Summit: “Building Africa from its territories: which challenges for local governments?”

Organised by the United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLGA) every three years, Africities is a meeting of local government, ministers, city mayors, bureaucrats and traditional leaders as well as trade unionists, academics, NGOs and CSOs. Africities VI will take place in Dakar Senegal from 4 to 8 December 2012 with over 5000 delegates from across the continent as well as mayors from China, Latin America and Turkey.

Nigeria, Demolishing foundations of peace

Spaces for Change’s just-released research study, “Demolishing Foundations of Peace” documents and critically examines the systematic pattern of forced evictions and house demolitions in Nigeria, perpetrated by both city planners and security forces, in the name of “improving national security”.

Nigeria, Refugees in their Homeland: resettle Gosa, Iddo Evictees now!

Thousands were forcibly evicted from the indigenous Gosa 1 village located along the Airport Road, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, on Thursday, April 26, 2012 on the orders of the Nigerian Army.

Sit-in bien réussi pour exiger le droit à la terre et au logement au Burkina-Faso

Sit-it des organisations d'habitants pour exiger le droit à la terre et au logement (Ougadougou, 30 03 2011) La Bourse du Travail de Ouagadougou a accueilli pendant tout la journée du 30 mars le sit-in organisé par les organisations d'habitants pour exiger justice, donc la levée de la suspension de lotissement, non à l'accaparement des terres et aux déguerpissements.

Mali: marcia contro gli sfratti e per esigere giustizia

Marcia della UACDDDD contro gli sfratti (Bamako, 14 marzo 2012) Un migliaio di persone della UACDDDD (Unione delle Associazioni e dei Coordinamenti delle Associazioni per lo Sviluppo e la Difesa dei Diritti dei Deboli) ha imanifestato lo scorso 13 marzo di fronte llla residenza del premier per denunciare l'accaparramento delle terre e la speculazione fondiaria. È stata presentata una dichiarazione al Ministro dell'Ambiente Tiémoko Sangaré. Fra un mese ci sarà un altro incontro per avere le risposte che il governo si è impegnato a dare. 

Algérie, les expulsions continuent malgré le grand froid

Des familles n’ont d’autres refuges que des tentes (Alger, février 2012) Les expulsions ne s’arrêtent pas malgré le grand froid. «Depuis janvier dernier, une dizaine de familles ont été expulsées et plusieurs autres sont menacées de se retrouver dans la rue. La trêve hivernale, prévue dans la réglementation, n’est plus respectée. Commandités par le procureur de la République, des huissiers de justice ont notifié, ces derniers jours, des décisions d’expulsion», constate Salmi Hakim, président du Comité SOS familles expulsées, hébergé par la Ligue algérienne de défense des droits de l’homme (LADDH) qui se fait fort de collecter les dossiers des familles. Pour le président du Comité, la situation est catastrophique ces derniers jours.

Cameroon, “Ibem” says No to Brutal Evictions and subscribes to the Zero Evictions Campaign

A Zero Evictions Campaign for also preventing evictions in Nanga Eboko IBEM  means “house” in the local language of the Haute-Sanaga (Upper Sanaga) Department region of Cameroon. It is also the name given to the Social Housing Cooperative of the town of Nanga Eboko where the Constitutive Assembly took place on Thursday, November 24, 2011 in the banquet hall in the community of Nanga Eboko.

Port Harcourt, "Leave Abonema Wharf Community Alone", Court Order

A woman protests in front of armoured vehicles at Bundu waterfront, Nigeria (12 October 2009) A Rivers State High Court sitting in Port Harcourt has just issued an order  of interim injunction against the Rivers State Government (RSG) after hearing an exparte  application brought by the Social and Economic Rights Action Center (SERAC).