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Popular Resistance to Habitat III

Misión AIH en Quito, Ecuador (junio 2016) Background:  the People’s Alternative Urban Forum in Medellin For its participation in the process of mobilizing resistance to Habitat III, the International Alliance of Inhabitants drew on the experience of 2014 when all the local and national organizations in Colombia worked together to create the People’s Alternative Urban Forum (PAUF), as part of the World Urban Forum (WUF) organized by the UN in Medellin.

Defence of land and right to the city: for a new global agenda for inhabitants

Cierre del Foro Social de Resistencia Popular a Habitat III, QUITO, ECUADOR (20 octubre 2016) 1. A quick tour of cities shows us that today there are serious shared problems that affect the majority of the population. Examples of some of these problems are: the current neoliberal urbanisation model, which is market driven and does not take into account needs and quality of life, nor the minimum planning requirements; the development of large-scale infrastructure investments by states, with a view to creating favourable conditions for major private investment, which causes the eradication of populations, the division of territories and the fragmentation of the city; the unlimited growth of the real estate market, which allocates the best land to high-earning sectors of society, privatises public spaces and builds houses that remain empty.