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March 2007

The UK has spent an estimated l50 million euro over the past five years on ethnic-cleansing operations against nomadic groups.
There are 350,000 Roma, Gypsies and Travellers in Britain, some 40,000 still following a travelling way of life. But with racism on the rise, huge sums are being spent to end this traditional culture.
While lip-service is paid to the rights of the Romani minority to be nomadic, every obstacle has beeplaced in our way. The l994 Criminal Justice Act gave powers to the police to "move on" and evict Travellers from any temporary stopping place.
We were adviced to buy our own land and settle down. Scores of private caravan park were created but almost aways permission to live on our own land has been denied.
Thousands of families have seen their homes bulldozed, and caravans rowed off. Children have been forced to give up going to school, the sick denied medical care.

Dale Farm residents have no intention of giving up without a fight

Faced with this situation, some 100 families have banded together to make a final stand againt this inhuman policy.
They have bought land and created homes at DALE FARM, in rural Essex.
"We will put up the best fight we can," says Richard Sheridan, a spokesman for the Sheridan clan.
Secretary of State Ruth Kelly has given the green light to Basildon Council to demolish Dale Farm. But the residents have taken the issue of the expenditure of five million euro of public money for the eviction to the High Court.
This judicial review is not expected before July 2007.
An anti-Gypsy Petition, supported by the neo-facist National British Party, has gathered 5,000 names against us.
Meanwhile, the families are preparing if necessary to defend their homes against the bulldozers of private bailiff company Constant & Co. hired by Basildon to do their ethnic-cleansing.

PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION and if you can support us in anyway contact:

Grattan Puxon
Save Dale Farm Campaign
Zero Eviction for Red Wheels in UK