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Mediterranean Network of Inhabitants: proposed activities



Mike Davies, coordinator for Anglophone  Africa International Alliance of Inhabitants, Zimbabwe  

Mediterranean Network of Inhabitants: proposed activities

Supported by alliances, the aims are to develop links with inhabitant and migrant organisations, to analyse problems, to develop training programmes, and international mobilisation.

  • Presentation of the Anglophone African coordination of the IAI based in Harare.
  • Developer of Smart Harare , an app for reporting urban problems to the local authorities

 Proposed activities to be implemented by the Network:

 To contact migrant organisations

  • To look into the legal status of the associations, and to carry out an assessment for each country
  • Inhabitant and citizen training
  • To be on the same level as the IAI
  • To develop local capacity
  • To develop international solidarity
  • To carry out political analyses on the Union for the Mediterranean
  • To identify local authorities and possible progressive alliances
  • To network with academic institutions
  • To assess urban social housing policies and rent control policy
  • To set up the youth summer camp on the theme of eviction
  • To make representations to the European Union and the African Union

Il(la) Traduttore(trice) Volontario(a) per il diritto alla casa senza frontiere dell’IAI che ha collaborato con la traduzione di questo testo è

Douglas Galloway


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