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Popular housing alternatives in Latin America and the Caribbean

Alessio Surian, Cristina Reynals, Paul Maquet Makedonski and Juan Carlos Calizaya Luna, of the IAI Urban Popular University, have realised this project with a commitment to make visible and disseminate the experiences of community members and community-based organisations, as fundamental supports for alternative policies for the development and construction of popular housing, outside of the dominant market paradigm.

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In the claim of housing as a right, not a commodity, communities have constructed their own alternatives, demonstrating beyond all doubt that another world is possible. The IAI recognises and supports these efforts and hence has called for Latin American and Caribbean experiences to  be part of the First Regional Competition for Social Housing Alternatives.

In this effort we recognise the role of the Urban Popular University (UPU), which, acting as a tool for knowledge co-production, has facilitated investigations, capacity building, exchange of experiences and publications on key issues of planning, evaluation and policy development. In particular, the social construction of a place to live and the right to the city; the role of social movements in defending housing, and political action at local, regional and global levels.

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